Mini Box #1 - Spa and bath

Mini Box #1 - Spa and bath
6 500 Ft

The mini box contains the following products :

MagicOrganicApothecary - Fortifying Bath Potion SHOT (10 ml)

De-stress the mind and relieve aches and pains with this concentrated, revitalising, bath potion.

An invigorating herbal blend, sure to put the spring back in your step after a long, tiring day. With decongesting, refreshing peppermint, detoxifying fennel, purifying fir needle, calming yarrow and sweet birch to help tone and ease achy muscles.

Once immersed in the water, relax, breathe in and let the organic essential oils clear the airways and lift your mood.

Vegan and cruelty free.

Sachajuan - Gingerflower hidrating body lotion ( 500 ml )

Body lotion with Earth Silk Technology hydrates and soothes your skin. It has Anti-ageing and Anti-irritant properties and gives your skin a scent of floral bergamot and lemon.

Bomb Cosmetics Creamy mango bath mallow ( 50 g )

This cute little bath mallow contains an irresistible mix of juicy mango and creamy vanilla scents. An uplifting blend of pure grapefruit and orange essential oils. A mouth-watering harmony of juicy mango and creamy vanilla scents!

Drop it into a tub of warm water and let the bath cookie containing cocoa and shea butter melt, which gently moisturizes your skin while bathing!

-StarSkin - VIP The Gold Mask Eye ( 2 pairs of masks )

The luxury gold foil-topped cellulose fabric traps heat and locks in the unique, concentrated serum for maximum absorption and dramatic results. Experience a no slip-and-slide eye mask that smooths puffy eyes and wrinkles, assures the perfect makeup application, and soothes irritation. The serum is concentrated with 83% Rose of Jericho, also known as the resurrection plant, praised for its powerful revitalizing properties. Together with an impressive trio of soothing Marshmallow, brightening Butcher’s Broom and Butterfly Ginger for blue light protection, these potent ingredients provide reborn under-eyes in just 15 minutes.