About me


My name is Hajni, I am the founder of BolA Beauty Box.

I am a mother of two, during the weekdays I am a software tester, and in the remaining couple of hours I am a wholehearted beauty and makeup fanatic.

Everything started with me deciding to Subscribe to one of the giants of the BeautyBox industry ( IpsyGlamBag, BoxyCharm ) just to realize that they do not ship to Hungary. I wanted a BeautyBox that would contain products I cannot easily get my hands on here in Hungary. That's when someting clicked ... how cool would it be, if I could create a box like that ? ... and it's the only thing I can thing about since then.

I started the process by writing the comapnies whose products I would love to place in my box. After about 500 companies, several thousand letters and uncountable rejections I found about 20 companies who I am very proud to be calling my partners. Naturally I won't stop here, I am continuously writing letters, searching for new potential parners and trust that in time more and more companies will talk to me and accept my partnership offer. The goal is still very far but I wholeheartedly belive that I am on the right track. 

The BolA Beauty Box is not the beauty box that you know and are used to from the hungarian market. It's uniqueness is provided by the products it contains. You won't be able to find those products on the shelfs of the drugstores, in fact, some of them aren't even available from Hungary.

I have invested a lot of energy and work into BolA, I am doing everything in my power to create the best possible BeautyBoxes for you guys ( and of course for myself :D ). I really hope that you will love them as much as I do. 

    Thank you !