23/03/2022 09:32

Let's talk a bit about makeup ...

Bobbi Brown said : " Confidence is everything. But a little makeup never hurts. "




Whoever know me knows that my passion is makeup. I am not a professional, nor do I consider myslef outstanding, ( I am planning on attending courses, to be more authentic in the matter - I have attended Bényei Bettis self makeup workshop and I am planning on going to more courses in he future ) but I love it. It relaxes me and makes me happy. 

In plan on sharing some tipps and tricks and useful advice hopefully you too will want to try it. Even if you already do it and love it, maybe I will be able to show you something new and useful :) 

Here are the subjects I want to write about :

  • Foundation - base makeup
  • Contouring
  • Eye makeup
  • Brows

Are there any other subjects you would be interested in ?  Please let me know :)